ICON XRF Consulting delivers effective solutions

to your emerging needs, including:


Training on first principals of XRF spectrometry for new or existing employees

Guidance in selecting and procuring optimum x-ray analysis systems

Development of new robust XRF test methods to meet emerging business needs

Troubleshooting, refinement or expansion of outdated or underperforming XRF test methods

Direction on proper calibration methods and selection/fabrication of standard reference materials

Coaching on XRF sample preparation equipment, accessories and methodologies

Instruction on techniques to address matrix effects and spectral interferences in XRF spectrometry

Implementation of optimal drift correction schemes for long-term maintenance of calibration curves

Development of XRF statistical quality control programs

Advice on optimum utilization of standardless semiquantitative methods of analysis

Strategies for converting existing test methods such as AAS or ICP-OES analysis to an XRF method