Michael Feeney - ICON XRF Consulting

ICON XRF Consulting (IXC) is an owner-operated enterprise providing technical consultation and applications training to the x-ray fluorescence (XRF) scientific community. Founder and Chief Scientist, Michael Feeney, has spent his entire career in the x-ray analysis field, currently having over 30 years of in-depth, hands-on experience including employment history in industrial and R&D settings at Rigaku Americas Corp., General Electric Co., PPG Industries Inc., and Diamond Shamrock Corp. At Rigaku, a world leader in x-ray analysis technologies, Mike served as XRF Applications Manager from 2009-2014 where he helped double the company’s North American XRF sales through improved training of XRF application scientists, enhanced sophistication of XRF application studies, and intensified commitment to customer service. He received training and certification in Six Sigma methodologies at General Electric while working as Team Leader of x-ray analysis operations for the Lighting, Quartz and Advanced Ceramics businesses for 13 years, distinguishing himself with GE’s “Top Talent” ranking. Mike’s vast XRF experience encompasses the fields of wavelength-dispersive XRF spectrometry, energy-dispersive XRF spectrometry, micro-XRF analysis, and complementary sample preparation technologies. In addition to his XRF background, Mike also has substantial experience with a wide variety of x-ray diffraction (XRD) techniques from his time at GE, PPG and Diamond Shamrock.

With recognized expertise in both bulk and thin film methods of analysis for an extensive variety of material types from metal alloys, refractories, whole rock and glass to polymers, petroleum distillates, nutraceuticals and photovoltaics, IXC has an unparalleled willingness to collaborate with customers, promote partnerships, and provide the technical guidance and training needed to help customers realize the utmost in performance and problem solving power from their XRF investments.